Vehicle Signage and Wraps

Vehicle signage and Vinyl wraps

Vinyl Wraps – Digital Signage

Believe it or not your vehicle is the greatest form of advertising for your business it is also the most cost effective. Your vehicle can be seen by 10000+ people a day depending on where you are travelling, you reach more people at a lower price compared to other forms of advertising such as billboards, news paper and radio. Getting your vehicle signage done at Bremer Signs will be a breeze this is because we do all the design, production and install in-house using industry leading materials and tools, your vehicle will leave the workshop ready too impress your clients for many years.

Computer Cut Lettering

Computer Cut Lettering (Decals) is a cost effective and super durable form of signage, the film is guaranteed to last 7+ years if looked after this is because we use a supercast vinyl film of either Avery, Arlon or 3M. Vinyl lettering is recommended for anyone in business whether you’re just starting or well established. with a large selection of colours available we can create the look you’ve always wanted.

Vinyl Wraps – Colour change

Completely change the appearance and style of your vehicle with an unlimited range of colour options available.

Why choose a Vinyl Wrap over a Paint job?  – With the advanced technology of Films on the market right now there is a large number of advantages of choosing a wrap over paint, just to name a few. It is cheaper than a quality paint job, It takes less time to install a vehicle wrap for a full car then to paint one, it protects the paint underneath from damage and is more durable than paint it also doesn’t damage the paint underneath when removed.

Why Choose Bremer signs to install the wrap for you? –  Bremer Signs has been in the graphics industry for over 29 years and has specialised in vehicle graphics and wraps, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and leaving a quality finish.

One Way Vision

One way Vision is a unique product designed to have a full digital print on one side while being able to see through it from the other, This form of signage looks professional and can have endless design options and effects. This product is best suited on the rear window.

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs are great for Temporary signage best suited for the travelling sales person who uses rental cars. Magnetic signage requires a lot of maintenance because metallic particles gather along the edge and if not cleaned off regularly can eat into the paint work causing body damage. We strongly do not recommend magnetic signs for long term application.

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